Woven-In Lanyard - 1"

Tubular Lanyard With Solid Color Back Available

Item #: PW10-1

Great quality with a super look! Soft polyester MagicWEAVE material provides great base for detailed designs (up to a 3-Color design on a one color background). Design is woven in during manufacturing process, not embroidered on! Choose reverse weave on back or upgrade to a tubular lanyard with solid color back.

Dimensions: 1" wide x 36" long (total length)

Shipping Weight: 1" - 5 lbs. per 100 pieces

Landyard and Thread Colors: Black, Royal Blue (PMS 294), Navy (PMS 289), Green (PMS 348), Orange (PMS 151), Red (PMS 200), White, Yellow (PMS 115), Purple (PMS 268), Teal (PMS 316), Maroon (PMS 195) and Forest (PMS 5535).

End Fittings: Style #71 Split Ring, Style #74 NPS Swivel Hook and Style #76 NPS Swivel Bull-Dog Clip, Style #77 Trigger Snap Swivel Hook*, Style #72 Lobster Claw Swivel Hook*, Printable Attachment* (NEW! Your choice of Standard, Multi-Color Label or Multi-Color Dome Label – Available with Swivel Hook, Plastic Snap Hook & Bull-Dog Clip – Add 7 days to lead time), Cell Phone Holder*, Style #78 Detachable Buckle with Extension* (Works with any of the attachments shown above.)

Includes: A One-Side, One Color Design On One-Color Background. Weave up to 3-Colors*

Optional Items*: Safety Breakaway Clasp, Tubular Lanyard With Solid Color Back

Available in 10 DAYS - FREE SHIPPING! Production time is 10 business days after proof approval. PMS color match is not exact. Colors may vary.

*Additional charges apply.

For more information and prices on custom orders, please call 877.223.4387 or email info@bigbadgeusa.com for a personalized quote.


  •  03-Navy
  •  14-Forest
  •  16-Teal
  •  17-Maroon
  •  2-Royal
  •  Black
  •  Green
  •  Orange
  •  Purple
  •  Red
  •  White
  •  Yellow

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