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NEW! Selfit Software

Selfit® Software

selfit system

Sustainable Style for Your Special Events

Now you can prepare uniform, totally professional name badges for the staff and event attendees at any event, PLUS take care of last minute arrivals with the same quality, pulled together look. A Selfit Badging System makes it easy.

 Step 1 Import your data into the software
Import Your Data Into The Software
Step 2 Print out and then slide name in
Simply Print Out and Slide Name In
Step 3 and ready to wear
Pin it On and Reuse!

Before the Event...

Selfit Screen Shot
  • Prepare any number of name badge inserts all at once with the handy Selfit software. Type names individually, upload a spreadsheet or text file – whatever works for you.
  • Print crisp, clear name badges with your own laser printer.
  • Slip printed badges into the Selfit badge to create a polished, professional finished product.

At the Event...

  • Create the same high quality name badges for latecomers with the small, standalone printer that’s part of your system. The unit prints clearly on the insert you slip into the Selfit Badge.
  • Everyone looks great – you present a professional, recognizable face for all to see. No more hurried, handwritten name badges for late arrivals – everyone looks like part of the same winning team.

After the Event...

  • Collect the Selfit Badges.
  • Remove name inserts.
  • Reuse next time.

Which Selfit® Software is Right for You?

Easily Create Perfect Badges Every Time!

Easy to use Selfit® software makes quick work of creating quality, professional name badges for your next event. Whether you need many or just one for a latecomer, this functional, feature packed software makes it easy to produce name badges that look professional, put together and thoroughly presentable.

Remember, first impressions are lasting ones... Selfit helps make sure your people all look their absolute best – every time.

To meet your changing needs, Selfit brings you three options for software... Selfit Standard, Selfit Professional and now Selfit Corporate– all designed to make it quick and easy to create the name badges that help your business present a polished look... reflecting well on your brand, your company.


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