Printing Badge Holder Insert Templates
  1. Click Here to download a zip file with the following badge insert templates:
    1. BG-Cl3X3S.doc
    2. BG-Cl3x4V.doc
    3. BG-Cl4x3H.doc
    4. BG-Cl4X8V.doc
    5. BG-Cl4X212H.doc
    6. BG-Cl312X214H.doc
    7. BG-Cl358X512V.doc
    8. BG-Cl414x3H.doc
  2. Open the template you wish to use.

    Template Example:

  3. Before you make any modifications to the opened file, go to "File" in menu and select "Save As..." to save file using a different name, so you will always have an original file available as a master.
  4. Customize your label by:
    1. Insert Custom Layout
    2. Enter and Format Names
    3. Enter and Format Names & Title

      To format paragraph, changing line spacing ("Spacing before:") and indents ("Indent left:" or "Indent right:"), go to "Format" in menu and select "Paragraph." or:

      1. PC: Right-click on Paragraph, select "Paragraph" in the context menu
      2. MAC: Control-click on paragraph, select "Paragraph" in the context menu

      In case "Names" or "Titles" that are excessively long, change their font size so that the "Name" or "Title" will each fit on one line.
  5. Some printers can shift template, so it is important to test each template before printing onto insert printing sheets.
    1. First, check layout placement by make a test print onto plain white 8 1/2" x 11" paper. Be sure to selecting switched-on table frames.
    2. Next, place test print in front of insert printing sheet, line up sheets and hold sheets to light to make sure printed template frames alignment is correct with labels.
    3. If needed, make adjustments as retest.
  6. Insert printing sheets into printer and print out the newly created and saved file.
  7. If you receive the message, "Page edges outside of printable area, ...." after you select "Print," click "Yes."
  8. Detach perforated printed name badge inserts and slip into badge holders.
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